Auguste Höpermann is a Passion Project and Experimental Restaurant by Fleischerei Höpermann. Birthed out of a simple desire to share our love for our Craft, Auguste Höpermann hopes to break the boundaries of conventional perceptions of Butchery.
Auguste Höpermann was the founding lady of our Fleischerei Höpermann that started operations in 1932. She ran the kitchen, providing daily meals, just as we do today with the daily Mittagstisch at our Fleischerei. Auguste Höpermann ( was named in her honour and memory, as we spread the good work of Traditional Craft Butchers, in the form of artful culinary appreciation.
Butchery might be a waning art form, but there remains much beauty and history in the craft that ought to be preserved.

Led by one half of Fleischerei Höpermann, Daniel Wichern, Auguste Höpermann breaks common perceptions of the field of Butchery, showcasing the culinary possibilities made available through skilled Butchery. The years of formal education and experience go beyond what meets the eye.
While aspiring toward a brighter future for our field of Butchery, we wish to also move forward in a responsible way, by leaving as little carbon footprint as possible in our path.

In addition to supporting Bioland farmers in our region, Auguste Höpermann is also built around the concept of #nosetotail animal consumption, creating no waste, and honouring the lives our trade is built on.
We cannot wait to have you join us for an eventful evening